This stunning waterfall is on the foothills of Mt. Elgon and is an absolute glorious waterfall. The waterfall is a combination of 3 stunning waterfalls that flows over a massive cliff into the plunge pool below it.

The sipi falls is comprised of 3 waterfalls each flowing from a different altitude. The highest fall drops from an altitude of 100m referred to as the main fall since it is the last fall in the series, this fall is a little bigger than the other two falls, but all give Uganda a beautiful scenery. In fact most people say that sipi falls are the ‘most romantic falls’ in Uganda which is evidenced by the wonderful falls.

Sipi Falls is just simply a fantastically majestic natural wonder, surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery anywhere.

Activites at Sipi Falls

  • Abseiling
  • Hiking
  • Agro-tour
  • Cultural encounters
  • Mountain Biking
  • Bird watching
  • Community Visits