Karamoja Cultural Experience departs in the early morning for a scenic and cultural and walks through the valley of Mt Moroto, the highest mountain of Karamoja. The mountain is inhabited by one of Uganda’s smallest tribe, the Tepeth. They are the indigenous inhabitants of the Karamoja planes that escaped into the mountains when the Karimojong settled on their lands.

Participate in daily life in the Manyatta (village)

Immerse yourself in Karamojong culture. The afternoon is spent participating in traditional games, daily activities as preparing staple foods, harvesting, beading, learning, dance, how to shoot bow and arrow and traditional friendly wrestling.

A Night with the Warriors (herders)

Experience typical Karimojong pastoral life by sleeping night with the animals and shepherds in the Kraal. Help to bring the cows to the kraal, share stories around the campfire, play games with the warriors and learn how all about nomadic life.


• Cultural encounters
• Unique Homestay
• Off the beaten track